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Supplemental insurance is extra or additional insurance that you can purchase to help you pay for services and out-of-pocket expenses that your regular insurance does not cover. Some supplemental insurance plans will pay for out-of-pocket medical expenses, such as deductibles, copayments, and coinsurance. Other plans may provide you with a cash benefit paid out over a period of time or given to you in one lump sum. The cash can be used to cover lost wages, transportation related to your health condition, or used to pay for food, medication, and other unexpected expenses you have due to an illness or injury.

We have years of experience helping clients prepare for the unknown, and access to many 

different insurance products so that you can get the one that is best for YOU. 

Assessing Need


A lack of the right kind or amount of coverage can spell trouble quickly. Call us today, and we'll analyze your insurance needs and come up with a customized plan that help fill the gaps - and provide you with peace-of-mind.

Building Relationships


Everyone has different insurance needs, and those needs change over time. Call us for a personalized business or individual assessment and find out how we can help protect your lifestyle and hard-earned asset - for the long run.

The Team

Susan Schulz - Agent


Susan moved to Northern Colorado from New Mexico in 2003 and began her insurance career in 2005. With over 13 years specializing in Property, Casualty, Commercial, Life, Health, and Employee Benefits, Susan is passionate about working with individuals and businesses to build comprehensive strategies not only designed to mitigate risk, but to assist in achieving long-term lifestyle, financial, and family goals. 

Kimber - Field Support


Kimber is a Colorado native who began her insurance career in 2014, and has been vital to the growth of the agency. Assisting with Individual and Employee Benefit consultations, Kimber is highly skilled in the education of and enrollment in multiple lines of ancillary coverage and worksite benefits. She is passionate and energetic - and makes insurance fun!

Colleen - Office Support


Colleen began her insurance career in 2015 and is the backbone (and back-up) for us and our clients while we are in the field. Assisting with behind-the-scenes policy inquiries and claim support is her specialty, and requires a high level of organization, strong knowledge base, and a positive attitude. Lucky for us, you'll get all 3 with Colleen! 

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